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about me

I competed professionally as a top World Ranked Athlete from 2002-2014 managing, securing sponsorships, branding myself, and winning titles.  Life was not just about being the best athlete in the world but running my career as an athlete and as a business.  I secured and managed all my sponsorship relationships and developed a partnership with them beyond just an athlete wearing a logo.  I worked with companies in developing new innovated products, marketing strategies, expo engagement, brand building, and athlete engagement across their athlete roster.  I was doing all that as part of my job as being the best athlete I could be winning multiple Ironman and Half Ironman Titles, multiple National Championships victories, and runner up in two Ironman World Championship events.  Since I stopped racing in 2014 I spent the next couple years putting my focus full time into a charity I started and volunteering my time there.  Because of my success, experience, relationships, credibility, and the way I managed my own career I know I will be a great asset to you maximizing your potential in the triathlon and endurance sports world.  As you will see in my experience, I set goals and achieve what I put in front of myself.  I thrive in this environment due to my history, respect, rapport, and network I have built here.  Success does not just come from putting in the physical hard work, its about having a team around you that can help guide you in each area and the overlooked and under utilized mental aspect to seeing your success before you even enter the game.  

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my Services



  • Entering into the endurance space and need some guidance and experience. 
  • Race organizer needing help planning out your race course, making it exciting, connecting and bringing the right athletes to the race.  Getting the attention of the media and brands to come in and support the event. 
  • Marketing and branding ideas and guidance in this space. 
  • Help align your brand with the right athletes. 
  • Product testing and consulting
  • I can help in all these areas.  I am a very detailed, visionary person and have the ability to articulate ways to improve and create new products to fit the market. 


I do keynote speaking to groups and business to motivate and inspire you and your employees to take it to the next level.  Sometimes you need a new perspective to really see what you need and see the simple process in putting action in place where everyday is moving you forward to what you want. Inquire for more details..

Product development

Are you looking for an expert in the field with experience in understanding the needs of your consumer.  Let me help you create the best product and way to position that product




I coach a few select athletes from top World Ranked Professionals to Executive business owners with time management challenges to the everyday person wanting to achieve a new life or physical goal.  I thrive in a close relationship with who I am coaching to get an understanding what their specific needs are and how to best cater a daily plan for them.  Everyone is different and respond differently to a training plan and that is why no plan is the same.  We cover annual race and training plans, nutrition, recovery and every aspect of balancing family, work, life and training.   I would love to get to know you and see how I can assist you with your goals.


Custom camps to suit you and/or your groups needs.  If you want to come to Kona Hawaii and train on the World Championship course I can guide you through everything you need to know.  Or we can plan a custom camp to your area or anywhere in the World that you would want to have your perfect camp.  Asia, Africa, Europe, or anywhere you can dream up we will make it the best camp ever.  

I can’t thank you enough for sharing your incredible experience and insight. We will certainly take you up on future opportunities.
— Jon - NIKE